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Medical Education Research


Queen’s was the first university in North America to implement competency-based medical education (CBME) across all of its resident specialty programs, including Pediatrics. The Office of Professional Development & Educational Scholarship supports members of our department in conducting CBME studies and other research aimed at improving undergraduate and postgraduate training. Faculty members in Pediatrics also lead an interdisciplinary collaboration involving the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Therapy to assess the readiness of recent graduates to apply evidence-based practice to clinical care.

Here is a selection of medical education-focused projects our faculty are currently leading:

  • Clerkship in COVID-19: Exploring the effects using outcome harvesting (A. Guerin)
  • Needs assessment and redesign of neonatal intensive care simulation program (G. MacLean)
  • Choose your own adventure learning: mobile app for Pediatrics residents to select treatment plans based on clinical scenarios (D. Saleh)
  • Evaluation of a problem-based, “Hypothetical Patient” email exercise to help residents acquire skills in the management of children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (D. Saleh, A. Acker)
  • Exploring sucessful strategies for teaching and learning in the Queen's School of Medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic (R. van Wylick)
  • Engaging patients with early signs of cardiovascular diseases in healthy aging interventions: An online education initiative for healthcare providers (R. van Wylick)
  • Mastering debriefing: Simulating the experience of Competency-based Medical Education Academic Advising and Competence Committee Decision Making (R. van Wylick)