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Neurodevelopmental and Neuromotor Disorders Research


Our department includes two developmental pediatricians who work at the KidsInclusive Centre for Child and Youth Development (Drs. Dawa Samdup and Garth Smith), and a pediatric neurologist (Dr. Lucia Capano). They lead and collaborate with investigators from other departments and institutions to study risk factors for neurodevelopmental and neuromotor disorders, methods to better diagnose and treat these conditions, and rehabilitation therapies. Some of this research uses technologies developed at Queen’s University (e.g., the Kinarm and the Liberi exergames).

In addition to collaborating with other researchers, Dr. Samdup recently partnered with several parents to design and administer a survey to families living in southeastern/Ontario. It asked about accessibility to recreational activities for children with disabilities; this was ranked as a priority concern at a KidsInclusive retreat for families and care providers held in 2018.

Below is a selection of recently completed and ongoing neurodevelopmental/neuromotor research within our department.

Autism spectrum disorder

Cerebral palsy

Developmental coordination disorder

  • Investigating the Kinarm as a tool to identify children and youth with developmental coordination disorder

Neuromuscular diseases

Acquired brain injury

  • Investigating whether biomarkers in serum, within 12 hours of mild traumatic brain injury, are associated with a protracted recovery from concussion in the pediatric population

Feeding/Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Gastrointestinal disorders among children with neurological impairment
  • Identification of risk factors associated with feeding problems in children born prematurely
  • Developing patient-reported outcome measures of feeding performance and satisfaction with medical devices for children with complex care needs